Pontal de Maceio, an authentic fishing village preserved. Near Fortaleza in Ceara coast.

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Pontal de Maceió is a charming coastal village where the rhythms of life follow the comings and goings of the ‘jangadas’. The brightly painted fishing boats, which can be seen regularly going out to sea, add an enduring appeal to the pattern of beach life in Pontal.

The weekends bring extra activity to the beach, as families meet to swim or relax with young children in the warm shallow pools left by a receding tide.  Friendly jostling over a game of football or beach volley are typical amusements, which can be enjoyed from a seat in one of the restaurants on the dune where a iced drink can accompany great seafood and a magical sunset.

As night falls the village square comes alive with the gentle hubbub of families preparing for the evening, alongside the bars, which are made ready for the evening clientele.  Presiding over the square, sits the Cafe das Artes restaurant and a gorgeous gift shop, filled to the brim with local handmade gifts. This warm welcome is a perfect way to ease into a pleasurable evening with a group of friends or a romantic supper for two.

Pontal de Maceió offers an array of outdoor pursuits;  dune buggy excursions, cycling, kitesurfing, horse riding on the beach, cycling, trips out to sea aboard a jangada and boat excursions on the lovely Rio Jaguaribe.